Our Pigs

At Park Farm we breed genuinely free range Gloucester Old Spots and Tamworth pigs. Our British Rare Breed pigs live outdoors in our woods, and as well as foraging for themselves they eat root crops grown on the farm as well as barley and cereals. We use no concentrate feeds at all.

We take great care to ensure our pigs live contented lives in a natural environment. Our pigs have the freedom to do what pigs enjoy most - forage and root about in the woodlands enjoying a natural diet and plenty of Monmouthshire fresh air. The pork meat they produce is full of flavour, succulent and produces irresistible crackling.

Hygiene Standards Park Farm Pig Roasts has been awarded a 5 star food rating by the Food Standards Agency.


Gloucester Old Spots

One of the oldest spotted pedigree breeds in the world the Gloucester Old Spot is a placid and easygoing pig by nature. They live happily outdoors and they are hardy enough to shrug off a British winter. Connoisseurs and discerning customers claim that Gloucester Old Spots produce the best tasting pork and bacon. We wouldn't disagree!



Tamworths are regarded by breeders and butchers as the 'aristocrats' of the pig world. They have a handsome rich gingery red colouring and they are elegantly long legged as well as having useful long snouts - making them popular with organic gardeners for clearing out vegetable patches! The Tamworth pig produce fabulous marbled pork and excellent bacon, in fact the Tamworth came top in a taste test carried out by Bristol University in the 1990s.


Park Farm - Rare breed pigs



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Park Farm Pig Roasts have earned the top food standard hygiene rating of 5

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